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We deliver one-to-one specialist mentoring to help young people reach their full potential.

We deliver one-to-one specialist mentoring

Often young people with specific requirements, learning difficulties or challenging behaviour regularly need additional support to enable them to attend appointments, access local resources and engage independently with their community. 

We adopt a relationship-based, person-centered approach to engage mentees by helping them to increase their self-esteem, confidence and personal and social development. 

We then seek to tap into the mentees' hobbies and interests and connect them with voluntary agencies and organisation in their local community so that the mentee can use these services to continue their development and progress with a degree of independence and autonomy. 

We can help support young people with the following activities:

  • Attending health and professional appointments

  • Accessing local youth services

  • Supervising day trips

  • Escort for family contact arrangements

  • Settling into a new placement

  • Positive activities during school holidays

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