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Wipers Youth Rise & Reach X Vinci Construction Taster Day

Wipers Youth held a Rise & Reach Taster Day with Vinci Construction last week to enable young people at risk of becoming involved with the youth justice system the opportunity to learn about the construction industry.

Wipers Youth works with a number of employers across various industries from bee keeping to bicycle repairs and from working with animals to learning phone tech repair in a bid to encourage young Londoners into education, training or employment opportunities.

Last week 10 young people attended a workshop in East London where they received an oversight of the construction industry, discussed views and perceptions of what construction involves and experienced a construction site tour.

Attendees had the opportunity to meet members of the site team, ask questions and learn about their various roles.

Kevin Campbell, deputy manager at Wipers Youth, said: "Working with various employers across London, we can provide young people with an opportunity to learn more about different professions that they may not have considered themselves."

"Our primary aim is to spark an interest within young people and to encourage them into education, training and employment opportunities to enable them to make positive life choices, rather than getting caught up in the criminal justice system."

To find out more about our Rise & Reach workshops here:

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