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Marcus Tayebwa

Youth Engagement Worker

I'm grateful to have found 'reciprocal therapy' as a Youth Engagement Worker at Wipers. Mentoring young people is something I've done unofficially my whole life. Now I get to do it in a professional capacity where I can share my diverse experiences with younger versions of myself. My community research background has given me insight and a keen eye for emerging trends our youth can leverage.

I was drawn to Wipers after seeing entrepreneurial energy thrive amongst youth during the pandemic.

This generation has so much to teach us! At Wipers, I now get to help young people see opportunities and make forward-thinking moves that inspire us all. Furthermore, the importance of nurturing cultural self-awareness is something I am excited to put into practice.

Personally, I founded a CIC, Paying It Forward Paying It Now, mentoring young creative-entrepreneurs. I feel privileged to evolve alongside true youth champions here at Wipers.

Marcus Tayebwa

Mobile: 07376 172675

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