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Kevin Campbell

Deputy Manager

Kevin has over 10 years experience working as a manager within the 16+ leaving care service. He has also been a manager and designated safeguarding lead for alternative educational provisions.

 ​20 years ago, Kevin initially started his career in the health and fitness industry, however he noticed that the young people needed support in other areas of their lives.  

Kevin then embarked on his journey to work with young people from disadvantaged backgrounds and empower them to promote change and reach their true potential. Whilst on this journey,

Kevin also studied as a counselor and has experience of facilitating therapeutic groups for people experiencing depression, anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder. ​

Kevin’s extensive experience has also included work as a consultant in supporting organisations working with 16+ care leavers. His guidance and expertise has enabled organisations to review their regulations and guidelines as well as develop key areas of organisational compliance, to ensure they shape and develop their services to achieve the best possible outcomes for young people. 

Kevin Campbell

Mobile: 07376 172676

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