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Our Work: About Us

Our Values

Our beliefs and values underpin how we plan to fulfill our mission:



We are committed to deliver excellence through fairness, diligence and equality for all. We embody a philosophy of seeing ‘the young person’ before ‘the young offender’. We embrace diversity and challenge discrimination.



We believe that every individual has something positive to offer society. We are committed to empowering young people by supporting them to discover their own special contribution and realise their full potential.



We are committed to work practices that build up, stimulate and motivate a sense of self-worth and increase capability within every individual. We believe that focused quality engagement with young people can empower individuals and help them to make their own changes away from a destructive cycle of offending and towards more positive outcomes. This change is most effectual when we interact with one another on an individual personal level that communicates a genuine compassion and connection. 

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