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Course Content

  • Develop an understanding of the values and principles that underpin cultural competency

  • Enhance communication: increase capability to facilitate safe space conversations with individuals from racialised minoritised communities, and become comfortable discussing people’s ethnicity and experiences of race and discrimination

  • Reflect on and embed anti-discriminatory practice and anti-racist approaches in the work environment

  • Improve reports and assessments: de-bias decision making and ensuring assessments and reports capture diversity factors and individual’s lived experience of discrimination and disadvantage

  • Advance interventions: addressing overt racism like hate crimes and working directly with those convicted of racially motivated offences

  • Demonstrate behaviours, attitudes, policies, and structures that enable professionals to work effectively cross-culturally

  • Increase proficiency to provide culturally competent services to individuals from diverse communities

Who is this course for?
This course is for prison and probation staff, youth justice case workers, social workers, police, judiciary, court staff and the wider workforce who work directly with minoritised and marginalised communities.

Voluntary Action Camden, 8-12 Camden High Road, London NW1 0JH

Tuesday 30th July 2024: 10:00am - 1:00pm
Oct/Nov (details tbc)

This course is free, however a £20 deposit is required, which is fully refunded within 7 working days on full attendance.

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CPD Accredited Content

This training course is officially CPD-certified, allowing attendees to benefit from up to 3 hours of CPD-accredited content across the day.

Cultural Competency


Cultural competence is a complex framework, and there is often a tendency for systems and organisations to want a textbook solution, a quick fix, a recipe, or a “how to”, step-by-step approach. The complexity of achieving cultural competence does not allow for such an easy solution.  Cultural competence is a developmental process that evolves over an extended period.


This course is part of our Courageous Conversations series, which is delivered in partnership with Action for Race Equality and funded by AB Charitable Trust. It supports organisations and practitioners to begin the journey of assessing their various levels of awareness, knowledge and skills along the cultural competence continuum.  Attendees will increase their capability to value diversity, manage the dynamics of difference, and make the journey from cultural incapacity to cultural proficiency.  

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