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Coaching and Mentoring

Young People

Mentoring can be a valuable part of preventative work and evidence suggests that it can have positive impacts if it is delivered in the right way at the right time. This course provides an introduction into best practice approaches for planning, implementing and evaluating effective mentoring programmes.

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Course Content

  • What is mentoring?

  • Planning your mentoring provision

  • Mentoring for high-risk young people

  • Peer mentoring and peer-group interventions

  • Reflective listening and effective communication skills

  • Relationship building

  • Resilience, boundaries, assertiveness

  • Conflict resolution

  • Empowerment techniques

  • Policies and Procedures

  • Reporting and recording information

  • Monitoring impact and delivery

Who is this course for?
This course is for those interested in becoming mentors, peer mentors, specialist mentors and wish to enhance their skills around coaching and supporting young people.

Contact us to see if we can meet your requirements outside of these listings. Our facilitators can come to you and deliver on site.

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CPD Accredited Content

This training course is officially CPD-certified, giving attendees the opportunity to benefit from up to 6 hours of CPD-accredited content across the day.

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